Against The Wind Images | Signature Series~ Wildlife Portfolio

The wildlife portfolio features many kinds of wildlife photographed in their natural habitats throughout the United States. From the birds to the bees, from elk to great white owls and Florida gators, these fascinating images capture wild animals in their everyday life. Preening, nesting, hunting, dancing, flying and living in the wild.
"My Valentine"   5689"The Brood 4151"Golden Slumber"     9886untitled-0337untitled-0475"Snowbird"untitled-0360untitled-0496JDeCastro-AgainstTheWindImages-9708-2"Cleared for Takeoff"     0570Great White Owl 4067"Kiss me You Fool"  5970untitled-0251untitled-0254untitled-0261untitled-0273untitled-0274untitled-0300untitled-0306untitled-0324